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There are many tips to help us dress elegant! One of them is choosing clothes and shoes that enhance our physique, avoiding mixing different styles, avoiding wearing too many accessories and being able to match colours in the right way. We will

How many women like to feel comfortable and fashionable by wearing casual clothes that make them feel comfortable? Casual style is the most popular style among all of us; it is the epitome of comfort and versatility for all occasions! We are

Item 10286 is a comfortable sandal made of soft, colorful nappa leather with a low-covered heel from the spring-summer collection by Voltan. This model has a slingback strap with an adjustable buckle, leather sole and comfortable 3 cm heel. The sandal is

fter having a great summer, the time has come to return to the office. The season changes and outfits adapt to it, posing many doubts about the ideal look to go to work. With this article, we want to help you create

Item LV051 from Voltan's spring-summer collection is a comfortable, elegant and modern leather moccasin. It is a moccasin with horse-bit, in crocona effect leather with a one-piece leather sole and 2 cm heel. This moccasin is available in two different colors: bordeaux

To celebrate the end of summer in the best way while preparing for the arrival of the colder months, you can participate in one of the many events organized especially for this occasion. For this type of parties, you can wear

Item V716 from Voltan's spring/summer collection is a wonderful sandal with an 85 mm high heel and ankle strap, made of soft suede or soft Nappa leather and leather sole. You can find it available in three colors: geranio-colored suede,

Most women like to dress in elegant clothes and shoes, precisely because elegance is synonymous with femininity. To create a fine outfit, it is possible to range between many types of combinations, but it takes little to exaggerate, go off topic

Today we are telling you about Voltan's LV016 article, it is a classic line moccasin that can be used in all seasons; made of soft leather and suede with a 2 cm high one-piece leather sole. This model is available in

During the summer everyone likes to dress comfortable and cool without sacrificing style, especially in casual looks, which are the most popular among women. It is very easy to create such outfits, because by combining the right garments and footwear, you

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