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Office look February 2023

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Office look February 2023

The place where we spend the most time during the day is the office, which is why we must always have the right outfit that can make us feel and look presentable and professional.

There is no office look to take as a model because you can recreate it and have fun wearing different outfit combinations.

And have you already thought of some office looks?

Let us start by giving you some advice!

Our first suggestion is a skirt, a jumper, and ankle boots. The skirt, for example, is a midi sheath model in plain grey jersey, the jumper has a lozenge motif in shades of black, grey and white, and the ankle boots are made of soft nappa leather, with a leather insole, leather sole and 10 mm heel, like item V351 in the black colour version by Voltan.

Another outfit we recommend is jeans, a shirt, and loafers. The jeans are an extra wide dad model with a black high waist, the shirt is a corset style with pockets and shiny khaki metallic details, and the moccasins are made of leather with laminated profiles, a platinum-coloured accessory, and a leather sole, like item 53088 in the black colour version by Voltan.

As a third combination, you can wear trousers, a blouse and ankle boots. The trousers are a flared model with a multicoloured print in shades of black and blue, the blouse is made of lace with an ivory-coloured ruffled neckline, and the ankle boots are made of soft suede with a side zip, leather insole, leather sole with non-slip rubber and 55 mm heel, like item S73086 in the navy blue version by Voltan.

The last look consists of a dress and décolleté. The dress you can wear is a midi dress, with lacing and buttons at the front, with long puffed sleeves, in a plain burgundy colour, and the pumps are made of soft suede, with a silver Nappa leather trim, suede band, leather sole and 60 mm heel, like item 75006 in the beige colour version by Voltan.

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