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Look with décolleté, January 2021

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Look with décolleté, January 2021

Pumps are the most popular shoes for women, they are always fashionable and can be worn with a myriad of different looks.

In this new article we will see together some looks to wear in January with décolleté.

The first one we have chosen for you is composed of jeans, shirt, vest and pump. For example, we can choose to wear  skinny denim jeans, a classic plain white shirt, a modern maxi wool vest in a mud color and a midi heel pump like item 47143 in mud version by Voltan.

The second look we propose is formed by a long apron dress and décolleté with midi heel. For example, we can opt for  long patterned apron dress in a solid black color with silver stars and combine it with a décolleté with midi heel and micro-studs like item 7395 in black version by Voltan.

The third one we have designed for you is an elegant look and consists of culottes, satin shirt and pumps. To create this look we can choose a culottes model in solid anthracite color, an elegant satin shirt in a solid black color and finally a colored pump with a midi heel such as item 75001 in red version by Voltan.

The fourth and final look that we suggest you to create with the décolleté for this January consists of a skirt, velvet top, blazer and décolleté. We can combine a medium length pencil skirt in solid black color with a simple velvet top in solid powder pink color and a classic blazer in solid black color, completing the look with a high-heeled décolleté like item 62005 in black version by Voltan.

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