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Item 53077

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Item 53077

Voltan’s item 53077 is a comfortable, particular and elegant loafer, also called a moccasin.

It is a shoe with an elegant line, in suede with leather edging and tassel on the front of the shoe.

The loafer is a comfortable shoe but at the same time gives the look that extra touch of refinement and elegance.

Voltan’s item 53077 has an elegant style but also perfectly matches a more casual and modern look, it is a shoe suitable for those who love to wear an elegant look but without neglecting comfort and fashion.

In case of a casual look, you can wear Voltan’s item 53077 to a denim skinny jeans and simple mustard-colored turtleneck, alternatively to make the look more elegant we can opt for a silk shirt with bow on the front.

On a special occasion or an important evening where a more elegant and sophisticated look is required we can combine the loafer with a classic black and brown checked pattern trousers and a classic white shirt or we can opt for a pleated skirt of white color of medium length combined with a fancy shirt, inserted inside the skirt.

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