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Stages of development of a shoe: assembly

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Stages of development of a shoe: assembly

In the previous article regarding the development phases of a shoe we talked about the edging phase, in this new article we see together, instead, the assembly phase of the upper.

What does the assembly of the upper mean?

After the upper is sewn, it goes into the assembly department where it will take the shape of the shoe.

How does the assembly work?

Practically the upper of the sewn shoe is mounted on a shape, the shape is nothing but a shape of the human foot, usually made of recyclable plastic material.

The shape is not unique for all footwear, models and fit but it differs in terms of model of shoe and number of fit so that the upper adapts perfectly to the shape and adheres in the best way.

Even the assembly phase is an important phase, in this phase, in fact, we have the confirmation that the production up until then has been perfect.

If the upper does not adhere properly to the shape it means that there has been some mistake in the previous phases or that the shoe model has not been set up correctly.

In the next article we discover together the post-assembly phase, when footwear is about to come to life.

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