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Looks with décolleté February 2022

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Looks with décolleté February 2022

The décolleté are the women’s shoes par excellence!

But how to best match them?

What outfit can we create this month with Voltan’s décolleté?

Let’s find out together!

The first look we have chosen for you is composed of skinny jeans, top, cardigan and décolleté. We can opt for black denim skinny jeans, simple mustard-colored plain top, a brown and black striped cardigan and finally a leather décolleté with midi heel and leather sole like item LV077 in the black version by Voltan.

The second look we propose is instead made up of a pleated skirt, body, jacket and décolleté. For example, we can choose a pleated skirt in solid anthracite color of medium length, a simple body in solid taupe color with long sleeves, a solid black color jacket with crossover closure, ending the look with a décolleté in leather with midi heel and rubber sole like item 7390 in the taupe version by Voltan.

The third outfit we have designed for you is made up of palazzo trousers, blouse, blazer and décolleté. An example? We can combine them with black and beige striped patterned palazzo trousers, a plain beige blouse, a plain black blazer and a varano printed leather décolleté with high heel and leather sole like item 62005 in the black version Voltan.

The fourth and last look that we recommend you create is made up of a chenille dress and décolleté. A classic and elegant look that we can create by choosing to wear a mid-length dress in plain light blue chenille with pleated skirt, square neckline and puff sleeves, combining it with a leather décolleté with midi heel and leather sole like item 47140 in the navy blue version by Voltan.

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