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New E-commerce website

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New E-commerce website

We are pleased to present the new Voltan 1898 e-commerce site!

From today you can buy all the Voltan 1898 and Alexandra Voltan branded shoes on the website.

On the Home Page of the new site you will find the presentation and the latest news of the Voltan 1898 brand and the Alexandra Voltan brand.

In the section dedicated to Voltan 1898 there is a brief introduction to the Voltan brand and the presentation of the Spring Summer 2020 collection and the same applies to the Alexandra Voltan section.

The most important part is the new page dedicated to the online shop, the Shop section is in turn divided into two sections: Voltan and Alexandra Voltan.

In the shop page you will find all the footwear available from the Voltan brand and the Alexandra Voltan brand, all footwear from the current collection, the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

You can choose the shoe you prefer and have it comfortably at home!

In the Outlet section, on the other hand, you can find footwear and samples at a discounted price.

The payment methods are different: for a secure payment you can choose paypal and, through the same circuit, if you do not have a paypal account, you can opt for payment by credit card. Other payment methods are bank transfer and cash on delivery thanks to which you can pay for the shoes you have ordered directly in cash on delivery.

In the Heritage section, instead, you can immerse yourself in reading the history of the Voltan company, to discover the path that, since its inception, has led the company to be an excellence in the footwear world of the Brenta Riviera and the Made in Italy.

Obviously, the Blog section cannot be missing, also divided into two sections: Voltan 1898 and Alexandra Voltan; the articles in the blog are a fixed appointment, every week in fact there will be new articles concerning new trends, various look ideas and curiosities about footwear.

Happy exploring and good online shopping!

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