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Item 73060

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Item 73060

Voltan item 73060 is a slingback décolleté.

It is a particular décolleté in a slingback version, that is with a semi-bare heel, with a leather-covered buckle in the strap and an accessory in the front part.

It can be combined with a casual look to give a touch of elegance to the look or it can be combined with an elegant look.

In the case of a casual look, you can wear the décolleté with high-waisted denim jeans, a lace top in shades of beige, brown or taupe.

For a more formal look, you can combine the 73060 Voltan décolleté with army green culotte trousers, a plain red, brown or orange blazer.

On an occasion like a party or a ceremony in which you have to wear an elegant and sophisticated look, we can combine the décolleté with a classic dress such as a plain-colored sheath dress or with a dress with a white base and floral pattern in shades of orange to recall the footwear.

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