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Stages of development of a shoe: box

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Stages of development of a shoe: box

After seeing together the various stages of development of a shoe such as design, leather cutting for samples, hemming, skiving, assembly, grinding, sole assembly, cleaning and ironing we arrived at the end of the development processing of a shoe, that is the moment in which the finished shoe without any type of defect is inserted inside the box ready to be sent to the recipient.

Even the last phase of development of a shoe, that is the moment when the perfect shoe is inserted inside the box, is a phase that is carried out with care and precision.

The shoe is wrapped in tissue paper with precision, to prevent it from being ruined and finally the box will be closed, ready to be shipped.

All the development phases of a shoe, which we have talked about together, are very important.

If a phase is done in the wrong way or with some imprecision, the entire production and all subsequent stages of development and process to create a shoe will be damaged.

For this reason, all Voltan shoes are designed and produced in Italy by true master craftsmen, to ensure all their customers the safety of wearing a shoe with attention to detail, a product guaranteed by the precious Italian labor and certified materials.

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