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Stages of development of a shoe: hemming and skiving

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Stages of development of a shoe: hemming and skiving

After having dealt with the development phase of a shoe “leather cut for samples”, it is the turn of the third phase, that is the turn of hemming and skiving.

First of all, after having cut all the components of the shoe, they are assembled, after which the hem is made, that is the phase in which all the components are sewn and glued together together with the lining, various reinforcements etc.

What is edging?

The edging is nothing but the composition of all the components of the upper of the shoe sewn and joined together.

Edging takes place in the bonding department, and is one of the most important stages in the development of a shoe: it must in fact be carried out perfectly, both as regards the sample or prototype because it serves to check that there are no errors in the design, both in the production of shoes.

At the same time as hemming, skiving is also performed.

Skiving is the process characterized by the thinning of the skin or other materials that are used for the upper of the shoe to have all the materials and the skins with the same thickness and regularity.

Edging and skiving are carried out by qualified personnel following all the indications received from the footwear design.

As already mentioned in the last article concerning the cutting of leather, the prototype or sample is essential and must be perfect to be able to check the fit and have an idea of ​​how the final shoe will look before being put into production.

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