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Look ideas for formal occasions

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Look ideas for formal occasions

Sometimes it happens, whether it is for pleasure or for work, to have to participate in formal occasions where even the outfit must live up to the event.

It is not easy to find the perfect look suitable for this type of occasion, you need to find the right combination of shapes and colors between clothing and shoes.

In this new article we see together some perfect looks to wear for a formal occasion.

The first look we thought of for you is made up of a woman’s tuxedo, body and décolleté. For example, we can choose to wear a woman’s tuxedo with classic coordinated black cigarette trousers with a plain beige body and combine the look with a two-colored wide midi heel décolleté like the 73062 item by Voltan.

The second look, instead, is formed by the combination of skirt, shirt and sandal. A perfect example of look is: wide rigid skirt with ankle length in plain white or beige, classic powder pink shirt inserted inside the skirt and wide high-heeled sandal with some details like Voltan item 70019.

The third look we have chosen for you is a classic sheath dress and an elegant décolleté. For example, we can opt for a classic white sheath dress with a length below the knee with special lace sleeves and combine it with an elegant high-heeled stiletto heel as the particular and refined item 62004 by Voltan.

The fourth look we propose is created by combining a longuette, shirt and décolleté. For example we can wear a black longuette with calf length with a shirt with classic line in fancy with beige base and black polka dots inserted inside the skirt and combine the look with a décolleté in the slingback version with the wide heel as the item 73060 of Voltan.

The fifth and last look that we recommend is composed of a skirt, top and sandal. For example, we can choose to wear a peach-colored pleated skirt with a particular sleeveless top in gold and combine the look with a two-tone wide-heeled sandal like the item 10221 by Voltan.

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