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Wide heel sandal look

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Wide heel sandal look

In this new article we see together some new looks to be created wearing wide-heeled sandals.

Definitely fashionable for this new Spring Summer 2019 season, wide-heeled sandals are comfortable and above all versatile.

In fact, unlike high stiletto heels, they can also be worn during the day, both with trousers and skirts, regardless of whether they have high, medium or midi heels, and you can create various elegant or casual looks.

So let’s start with the first look we thought of for you, a glamorous and fashionable look made up of a skirt, t-shirt and wide-heeled sandal. For example, we can choose a voluminous skirt in a pattern of horizontal stripes in white and mustard color combined with a mustard-colored t-shirt and a sandal with a large and high heel as the item 10221 by Voltan.

The second look that we propose is a romantic look with a bon ton effect, it is a look created by the combination of a dress and a sandal with a large heel. For example, we can wear a dress with a poodle skirt with knee length in midnight blue with a special lace on the back and match it with a solid color sandal with a large midi heel such as the item 24031 by Voltan.

The third look we have chosen is an elegant and sophisticated look and is made up of longuette, blouse and wide-heeled sandals. We can opt for a pencil skirt in white and match it with a powder pink flounced blouse. To complete the look, a beautiful sandal with a large and high heel like the item 70019 by Voltan.

The fourth and last look we have selected for you is a casual look created by the combination of jeans, shirt and sandal with a large heel. We can choose between black skinny jeans or mom fit jeans in denim, combined with a simple dove-colored shirt and a sandal with a large and high heel as item 10229 by Voltan.

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