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Item 62020

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Item 62020

Item 62020 is a leather slingback décolleté with a leather sole and 9 cm high heel and is part of Voltan’s new 2022 collection.

You can find this model available in four different colors: beige finish contour leather, black leather, silver leather, and platinum-colored leather.

This décolleté can be combined with different styles, from the simplest to the most elegant, and always gives an extra touch of femininity.

So how to match Voltan’s item 62020?

We recommend several outfits that you can create with this fabulous model!

To create a simple look, you can wear a coordinated outfit consisting of crop top and skirt and décolleté. For example, a matching crop top and midi skirt, both in plain white floral sangallo lace, and item 62020 in  beige finish contour version by Voltan.

If you want to wear a casual outfit, you can pair a pant with a blouse and selected décolleté. The pants we have chosen is a slim dress flared model in plain jersey in black color, then a satin blouse in mint color, and finally item 62020 in the black color version by Voltan.

Finally, we offer you an elegant combination consisting of a particular dress and décolleté. The dress has bare shoulders and has a wide ankle-length skirt, and on the front, it has a mesh insert in solid black color, we then match it with article 62020 in the platinum color version by Voltan.

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