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Item S838

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Item S838

Voltan’s item S838 is an elegant and comfortable boot in stretch suede with an extra light micro sole.

Voltan offers the boot in two different color variants, in black stretch suede and in dark brown stretch suede.

Boots, in the winter and autumn season, can be used as real passe pour tout, they can in fact be worn with skirts, dresses or trousers, both with casual and more elegant looks.

For a casual look we can combine the boot with jeans and a cardigan. We can opt for skinny denim jeans, a cardigan worked with solid color beige braids with a bow on the neckline and finally the S838 boot in dark brown version by Voltan.

For a more formal look we can instead choose to combine the boot with a skirt with a shirt and a blazer. For example, we can choose a medium-length pleated skirt in a plain taupe color with a matching blazer, a classic shirt in a solid color in a burgundy color and finally item S838 in dark brown version by Voltan.

For an elegant look we can instead opt for the combination of dress and boot. For example, we can combine a medium-length dress in solid dark green color with a full skirt with the black version of item S838 by Voltan.

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