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Item 72138

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Item 72138

Voltan’s item 72138 is a modern and particular loafer in leather with double buckle, 20mm heel and leather sole with rubber anti-slip. It is available in two different shades: black and burgundy.

As we all know, loafers are elegant, comfortable and fashionable footwear, a must for every season. They are an extremely versatile type of footwear, in fact they can be worn with casual, formal and even elegant looks.

For a casual look, we can combine the loafers with classic skinny denim jeans, a plain white oversized shirt, a plain khaki sweater and finally the black version of item 72138 by Voltan.

For a more formal look, we can instead choose to wear a medium-length camel-colored knit dress with a high collar, combined with item 72138 burgundy version of Voltan.

For an elegant look we have several options: for example, we can combine the black version of the loafer with a suit made up of cigarette trousers and double-breasted blazer in solid color in pastel blue.

Another option is the combination of the elegant loafer 72138 by Voltan in the burgundy version with a classic medium length dress in solid color in black.

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