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Stages of development of a shoe: cleaning and ironing

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Stages of development of a shoe: cleaning and ironing

After the development phase of the assembly and the application of the sole the phase of cleaning and ironing of the shoe and of the general quality control has arrived.

In fact, after completing all the steps concerning the design, development and assembly of the shoe, a finished shoe will be created but not yet ready to be delivered to the recipient.

Before delivery, in fact, all the shoes are cleaned from any small defects occurred during assembly and ironing will be performed on the shoes that need it to make them perfect.

After cleaning and ironing the shoes, the quality control takes place, that is, every single shoe is checked in detail and, if no defects are found, the shoes can go to the final step, or, on the contrary, if are noted some small imperfections, the shoe will return to the previous phase to be fixed and fine-tuned.

Every step of the development of a shoe is very important, in fact, as well as for all the other phases, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention also during the phase of cleaning, ironing and quality control, in order to obtain a perfect final shoe without any defect.

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