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Stages of development of a shoe: design

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Stages of development of a shoe: design

All Voltan shoes are designed and manufactured in Italy.

For this reason Voltan shoes have an added value, in fact, designed and manufactured in Italy, they can boast the merit of Made in Italy, a guarantee for the well-being of the feet.

The production of Made in Italy Voltan footwear is a protection for our health because it ensures that absolutely no toxic materials are used but only certified and researched materials.

Before the production of a shoe, however, there is its design.

The shoe is in fact first conceived and designed on paper to then take shape using CAD design.

The CAD (Computer-Aided Design) design is a design created by specific computer programs suitable for creating graphic representations in two or three dimensions (2D or 3D) of physical objects and in fact, in this case, it is used to create shoe prototypes.

CAD design is used to create a real representation of the shoe and then make it physical.

This is a very important phase that is the basis of creating a shoe.

And it is precisely from this phase that the shoe begins to take shape, gradually going on to define the cuts of leather needed to make up the upper and its components.

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