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Blog presentation

We are pleased to present the new section of the Voltan 1898 website dedicated to the blog.

In our blog every week you can find all the news and the various curiosities from the world of footwear.

You will find articles about new trends, various look ideas, curiosity, history of footwear and Made in Italy.

Our goal is to give you some advice, help you find the right look for special occasions, let you know better some aspects of the fashion world and let you immerse in the inimitable reality of Made in Italy, a strength that differentiates our footwear.

Through the new articles you can also get a closer look at our totally Made in Italy shoes and their history, shoes that represent the union between the Voltan family tradition and innovation, to keep pace with fashion and with needs of our customers.

It is an opportunity to get to know some of the curiosities that you may not know yet, to discover the history of Made in Italy and the value it gives to footwear, an opportunity to get to know the latest news in the fashion world of footwear so as to be always in step with the times and, why not, also take some ideas for different looks to wear on any occasion.

We just have to remember the appointment with the next article and also remind you that you can follow us on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram, to stay up to date.

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