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Item 72163

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Item 72163

Voltan’s item 72163 is a comfortable and particular suede moccasin with tassels, 20 mm heel and leather sole with rubber antislip. It is available in two different colours: in taupe suede and in black suede.

With moccasins the look options are truly manifold; we can go from the simplest to the casual look, from the formal look to the more elegant one.

For a simple look we can combine item 72163 with jeans and a blouse. For example, we can choose skinny denim jeans, a classic plain blouse in white and finally item 72163 in taupe version.

For a casual look we can combine the moccasin with a skirt and a pullover. We can opt for a medium-length skirt in solid antique pink colour, a simple pullover in solid black colour and finally the Voltan moccasin 72163 in the black version.

For a more formal look we can instead choose to combine the moccasin with trousers, shirt and blazer. For example, we can choose a solid-colour camel-coloured cigarette trousers with a matching blazer, a classic solid white coloured shirt and finally item 72163 in the black version by Voltan.

For an elegant look, however, we can opt for the classic combination of moccasin and dress. For example, we can combine a plain black sheath dress with Voltan’s moccasin 72163 in the taupe version.

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