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Item AV653

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Item AV653

Alexandra Voltan’s AV653 item is an elegant and particular décolleté.

It is a refined, elegant and particular décolleté with a high stiletto heel; the upper is in leather with a particular processing while the toe and heel are made of a different shiny material.

Alexandra Voltan’s AV653 item can be worn with a simple look to give it brilliance and elegance or it can also be worn with particular, elegant and sophisticated looks.

In case of a simple look we can combine the décolleté with high-waisted skinny jeans in black and a simple camel-colored solid turtleneck with high collar.

If, on the other hand, we want to wear a more formal look, we can choose to combine the AV653 item by Alexandra Voltan with a suit consisting of black trousers and jacket and a solid-colored shirt in beige.

In case we have to wear an elegant look, we can combine the décolleté with a black dress, with a long skirt up to the ankle, with lace details, sweetheart neckline and side slit.

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