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Item AV349

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Item AV349

Alexandra Voltan’s AV349 item is an elegant and romantic black suede sabot with a floral suede accessory, 65 mm heel and leather sole.

The sabot is a real must for this summer season, you can wear it with a simple and comfortable look but also with an elegant and formal look.

How can we best match Alexandra Voltan’s AV349 article?

Let’s see some ideas together!

For a simple and comfortable look, we can choose to combine the item AV349 by Alexandra Voltan with skinny denim jeans, a simple ribbed top in solid color in black and finally a sleeveless vest with solid color buttons in dark green.

If, on the other hand, we want to wear the sabot with a more casual and formal look, we can choose to wear a medium-length pleated skirt in solid red color with a classic three-quarter sleeve shirt in solid red color, concluding the look with the AV349 sabot by Alexandra Voltan.

Finally, if we want to combine Alexandra Voltan’s AV349 item with a more elegant and romantic look, we can choose to wear a solid red dress with a full circle skirt, gathered bodice, sweetheart neckline with puffed shoulder straps.

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