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Décolleté in winter: errors to avoid

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Décolleté in winter: errors to avoid

The décolletés have now become the symbol of femininity par excellence.

There are really different models, with different colors and materials, with high heel, midi heel, wide heel, stiletto heel, plateau or without plateau.

In short, the décolleté is now suitable for all women, satisfying every type of preference.

Moreover, wearing the décolleté you can create many different looks, from the more formal and elegant look to the more casual and informal look.

Obviously you need to choose the décolleté also according to your needs, if for example a woman is not used to wearing a 12cm stiletto heel, she will have to avoid buying and wearing décolleté of this type but will have to choose a shoe with a more comfortable and stable heel, wearing a high-heeled décolleté there is the possibility of being clumsy and the clumsiness spoils the elegance of the décolleté.

Even in winter you can safely wear the décolleté, provided they are suitable for the cold season and combined in the most appropriate way.

For example, the décolleté should be worn without socks even in winter, but if you can not do without them, it is important to remember to wear a veiled stocking, no more than 50 denier, and that, according to the etiquette, the sock must not have a darker color than the shoe. It is also better to avoid wearing fishnet stockings, especially during the day, with jeans or trousers you can opt for flesh-colored knee-high socks.

Finally, you also need to know how to combine the décolleté with clothing, the décolleté should never be combined with sports suits, cotton sweatpants or a long duvet.

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