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Item AV632

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Item AV632

The item AV632 by Alexandra Voltan is a particular and elegant low-heeled half boot.

It is an original and refined low-heeled half boot. In leather, with the toe and back of the shoe in leather in contrast with the rest of the upper, visible elastic and leather band with tone-on-tone rhinestone decoration on the front of the shoe.

The boot is a comfortable but at the same time elegant shoe, therefore, thanks to these characteristics, you can create various looks, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

In the case of a casual but fashionable look, you can combine the item AV632 by Alexandra Voltan with a maxi purple sweater with close-fitting leather-like leggings.

For a more sophisticated but modern look we can choose to combine the half boot with anthracite-colored culotte model trousers and a basic silver-colored pullover.

On a special occasion where a more accurate dress code is required, the elegant ankle boot can be combined with a gray skirt and a black turtleneck.

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