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Day party look

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Day party look

Have you been invited to a day party and don’t know what to wear?

In this new article we will give you some ideas to create the perfect look for a day party without making mistakes: in fact, we know that there is a difference between the looks to wear at a party during the day and for a party instead during the evening.

For example, long skirt dresses should preferably be worn only at evening parties, as even 12 cm heel should not be worn during the day, but there are certainly exceptions.

To start, instead of a 12 cm high stiletto, we can opt for a décolleté with a midi heel or a large heel.

Let’s start with the first look we chose, a classic look consisting of a suit with trousers, top and jacket with moccasin. For example, we can wear a dark gray pinstripe suit with a white cotton top and an elegant white moccasin like Voltan item 7276.

The second look we recommend is a dress with a full skirt and sandal. For example, we can choose a dress with a patterned skirt in pastel colors with knee length and match it with a midi-heeled sandal such as Voltan Item 24031.

The third look, on the other hand, is composed of a skirt, tank top and décolleté. An example of a perfect look is to combine a brick-colored pleated skirt with calf length and a tank top with veil details in shades of beige and finish the look with a décolleté in slingback version like Voltan Item 73060.

The fourth and last look is composed of an asymmetrical dress and sandal. We can choose to wear an asymmetrical dress with the back of the dress longer than the front one in silk, for example in nuances of pastel pink, and combine it with a sandal with a large heel like item 70019 by Voltan.

In the next article we will see together, instead, new looks to wear for an evening party.

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