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Gala evening look 2020

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Gala evening look 2020

Gala evenings are fun and interesting evenings, the only doubt that every woman has when she has to participate in events of this type concerns the look to wear.

Gala evenings often require a dress code. In general, however, in order not to get the look wrong, you just need to know three small rules: wear long and elegant dresses, at the most you can dare with a women’s tuxedo; wearing heels; finally use a clutch bag.

Let’s see some look ideas together.

The first one we have chosen for you consists of a long dress and an upright shoe. For example, we can choose to wear a long dress in powder pink with a deep neckline on the back, with tone-on-tone sequin details and fine straps, combining it with an upright shoe such as the AV150 black version by Alexandra Voltan.

The second look that we advise you to wear at a gala evening is made up of a dress and sabot. For example, we can choose to wear a simple but very elegant long dress in a solid color in black satin, with lacing on the back and fine shoulder straps and combine it with a suede sabot with floral accessory in the front and with a midi heel, like the AV349 item in a black version by Alexandra Voltan.

The third and final look we have designed for you is instead composed of a women’s tuxedo and high-heeled décolleté. We can opt for a classic black women’s tuxedo to wear with a powder pink silk shirt, and combine it with a high-heeled décolleté such as the AV715 TES platinum version by Alexandra Voltan.

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