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Item AV703

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Item AV703

The item AV703 by Alexandra Voltan is an elegant décolleté.

It is an elegant décolleté with a wide midi heel covered in leather.

The shoe has toe and heel in black suede, while the rest of the shoe has a see-through effect with floral motifs.

Being an elegant décolleté, you can think that it is mandatory to match the shoe only with elegant looks, but it is not so, in fact this décolleté can also be combined with casual looks, giving the look a touch of elegance and a touch of style.

For example, with a casual look like jeans and a top you can perfectly match the décolleté. We can combine the item AV703 by Alexandra Voltan with black skinny jeans and a top with puffed sleeves with horizontal stripes in white and black.

Alternatively, for a more formal look, we can combine the décolleté with a jumpsuit with tapered beige trousers with black blazer.

If instead we want to wear the décolleté with an elegant look suitable for a ceremony or an important event we can create a look with a classic black sheath dress or with a dress with tulle skirt and bodice with heart-shaped neckline in solid color of beige and taupe.

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