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Spring summer 2020 collection – part 2

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Spring summer 2020 collection – part 2

In this article we will see together the second, and last, part of Alexandra Voltan’s new spring summer 2020 collection.

Item AV700: Alexandra Voltan’s item AV700 is a comfortable and particular sneaker composed of various materials and colors, in the part of the tip and tongue we find the animal print, the final part and the edge are in red suede, while the sides of the shoe are in a “see-not-see” effect; on the laces we also find a stone accessory.

Item AV703: this is an elegant décolleté with medium wide and covered heel; the shoe has toe and heel in black suede, while the rest of the upper is in a “see-not-see” effect with floral motifs.

Item AV704: Alexandra Voltan’s item AV704 is a particular and elegant loafer in black leather with contrasting color edging in fantasy; the central part is in red suede with a black leather strap, with the golden San Marco winged lion symbol printed on it.

Item AV708: this is a particular summer boot, with double zipper on both sides; the back is in black suede like the toe, while the rest of the shoe is a mix of suede and “see-not-see” material.

Item AV711: Alexandra Voltan’s item AV711 is a comfortable but modern and at the same time elegant sneaker. The upper is divided into two main colors, black and white, while on the front of the shoe there is a black leather band with a stone accessory applied.

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