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Formal look Winter 2020

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Formal look Winter 2020

For women who always love to wear a formal look or for those who practice a job that requires a formal and elegant look, it is difficult to always find suitable looks.

In this new article we will see together some ideas of formal look to wear in this winter 2020.

As the first look, we chose one that is never out of fashion, always perfect to wear on an occasion that requires an elegant and formal look, consisting of a sheath dress and ankle boot. For example, we can choose to wear a classic medium-length dress in solid color and combine it with an ankle boot such as item AV682 by Alexandra Voltan.

Another idea of ​​a formal and elegant look can be created by combining a suit, shirt and décolleté. We can opt for a suit consisting of trousers and a plain white jacket with a burgundy shirt and give the look a touch of elegance and color with a décolleté with a high stiletto heel like item AV627 by Alexandra Voltan.

For those who want to wear an elegant and formal look but without wearing very high heels we can opt for a look with a loafer. We can choose a medium-length solid color black dress with a pleated skirt and a particular shirt-like collar and combine it with a particular loafer such as item AV651 by Alexandra Voltan.

As a last option, with a moderate heel and trousers we offer a look consisting of cigarette trousers, blouses, blazers and pumps with midi heels. For example, we can combine old pink high-waisted cigarette trousers, a classic black blouse with a bow, a black solid color blazer and a décolleté with a midi heel like item AV628 by Alexandra Voltan.

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