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Item AV523

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Item AV523

The item AV523 by Alexandra Voltan is an elegant décolleté with a medium heel.

It is an elegant décolleté with a medium heel composed of two different materials: the heel part, the heel and the lower part of the toe are in patent leather, while the rest of the upper is in differently printed leather with edge and bow in the front part of the shoe in contrasting colored suede.

The item AV513 can be combined with a simple look to give style to the look or it perfectly matches an elegant look.

In the case of a simple look, we can match the décolleté with black or white plain-colored trousers or in a striped pattern, with a colorful red top.

Instead, for an even simpler and more basic look, you can combine it with skinny denim jeans and a black or white top.

On a special occasion like a ceremony or a gala party we can combine the décolleté with gray satin palazzo trousers, combined with a red top with rhinestone decorations and white veil sleeves.

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