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Item AV513

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Item AV513

The item AV513 by Alexandra Voltan is an elegant and original high-heeled décolleté.

It is a refined and particular décolleté with a high wide heel in two-tone suede with an accessory depicting a peacock covered in colored rhinestones present along the heel of the shoe.

The item AV513 can be combined with a casual look to give color and style to the look or even with an elegant look.

In the case of a casual look you can wear it with a skinny jeans in dark denim combined with a simple solid electric blue t-shirt.

Instead, for a more formal look, it can be combined with a knee-length pencil skirt in midnight blue, shirt with bare shoulders and three-quarter sleeves in aquamarine.

On a special occasion such as a ceremony or a gala party we can combine the décolleté with an elegant emerald green or dark blue dress with a long silk skirt and a sweetheart neckline bodice.

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