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Item AV553

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Item AV553

The AV553 item by Alexandra Voltan is a particular and elegant décolleté with midi heel.

It is a décolleté with a midi heel, in suede, with a particular rhinestone accessory at the front of the shoe. In the “Cabiria Nero Rosso” version, the accessory is in silver and red, while in the “Cabiria Noto Edera” version the accessory is multi-colored with blue and green tones.

The AV553 décolleté perfectly matches both a casual but stylish look for everyday wear, and an elegant and sophisticated look.

In the case of a casual but fashionable look, you can combine with the AV553 item a white palazzo pants and a blue-colored tank top, in case we wear the décolleté in the “Cabiria Noto Edera” version.

For a more elegant look we can wear a classic little black dress and match the item AV553 in the “Cabiria Nero Rosso” version.

On a special occasion, where clothing must be purely elegant, this refined décolleté can be combined with a delicate midnight blue ankle-length dress with lace bodice, or red or black too.

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