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Look for Spring Summer 2019 ceremonies Part 1

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Look for Spring Summer 2019 ceremonies Part 1

The period of the year that coincides with spring and summer, starting from the first warm to the sunniest days, is also the period in which all the various ceremonies are concentrated, such as weddings, communions, confirmations and baptisms.

In this new article we see together some perfect elegant looks to wear on these special occasions.

The first look we have chosen for you is composed of dress and décolleté. For example, we can wear a dress with a long gray silk skirt with a particular neckline on the back combined with a high-heeled two-tone stiletto décolleté like the AV536 item by Alexandra Voltan, completing the look with silver accessories.

The second look we offer is made up of a suit and décolleté. We can opt for a suit with red trousers with a black sleeveless top and combine the outfit with a high-heeled two-tone décolleté like the AV531 item by Alexandra Voltan, with particular rhinestones in the heel.

The third perfect look to wear at a ceremony is created by the combination of dress and sandal. An example? Empire style green dress with long skirt and gold waist belt combined with an elegant high-heeled sandal like the AV543 item by Alexandra Voltan, in black with gold details.

The fourth look we suggest is composed of a dress and sandal. We can opt for a dress in blue with a tulle skirt with calf length and a rhinestone bodice combined with a particular but elegant high-heeled stiletto sandal like the AV519 item by Alexandra Voltan.

The fifth and last look we thought of for you is composed of jumpsuit and sandal. For example, we can choose to wear a jumpsuit with pleated trousers and a sweetheart neckline in floral fantasy with colors such as blue, black and red and pair it with a high-heeled stiletto sandal like the AV558 item by Alexandra Voltan, which makes the look unique and particular.

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