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Spring Summer 2019 Collection

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Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Spring has arrived and with it were presented the new fashion trends and new collections for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

In this article we present the first part of the new collection by Alexandra Voltan regarding, precisely, the Spring Summer 2019 season.

In this new collection there are several décolleté, loafers, moccasins and sandals.

Item AV500: it is a particular sabot with high heel in suede that presents, on the instep, a particular transparent band with two-colored feathers.

Item AV502: this item is an elegant and comfortable suede loafer with the peculiarity of the two-tone feathers in the front part of the shoe.

Item AV513: it is an elegant and original décolleté with wide high heel in two-tone suede with an accessory depicting a peacock covered in colored rhinestones present along the heel of the shoe.

Item AV519: this magnificent and refined two-tone sandal in suede with a high stiletto heel differs thanks to the particular processing in the first band present in the front part of the shoe, the suede bow in the second band and the strap with accessory depicting a colored rhinestone peacock.

Item AV523: it is a décolleté with a medium heel composed of two different materials: the back part, the heel and the lower part of the toe are in patent leather, while the rest of the upper is in differently colored printed leather with border and bow at the front of the shoe in contrasting colored suede.

Item AV524: this item is a loafer with a semi-bare heel in two different materials: part of the toe and the heel are in patent leather while the strap and the rest of the upper are in leather, creating contrast and movement to the shoe line.

Item AV527: it is a décolleté with a medium wide heel, in suede with a particular processing applied to the heel in a contrasting color.

Item AV529: this item too is a court shoe but with a high high heel, in suede with tone-on-tone processing on the heel.

Item AV531: it is a particular loafer with a medium suede heel. The part of the toe is in solid color while the edge of the band on the instep is in contrasting color, in the heel is the particular floral processing.

Item AV532: this item is a high-heeled high-heeled suede décolleté with contrasting color toe and a floral heel finish.

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