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The value of Made in Italy

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The value of Made in Italy

As anticipated in the previous article, today in this new article we will let you discover the history of Made in Italy, its meaning and why a Made in Italy product is prized.

The phrase “Made in Italy” is an English phrase used by Italian producers in the world, from the eighties onwards, to differentiate themselves and avoid the falsification of their products made exclusively in Italy.

Still used naturally for products made in Italy, the phrase Made in Italy indicates the creation of a product in Italy using certified and researched materials that are therefore absolutely non-toxic and not harmful to health (this practice is not ordinary in others countries, unfortunately) and indicates the unique manpower used for their production in Italy.

In the past, as today, a product labeled Made in Italy was more valuable and consequently advantaged in its trade.

Be careful, however, that if a product is awarded the Made in Italy brand even if it has not been manufactured in Italy, you risk a penalty and imprisonment up to a year.

Here is the meaning of the Made in Italy, is used to ascertain the origin and to certify the quality of the materials used to make the product.

The shoes of the Alexandra Voltan brand are entirely created and made in Italy using only the highest quality raw materials.

The shoes, in fact, are distinguished by their elegant and fashionable design, for the precious materials and the manpower of the master craftsmen who make every shoe impeccable, in every detail.

Wearing the shoes of the brand Alexandra Voltan, you are guaranteed to wear high quality shoes and prestige donated by the inimitable Made in Italy, unmistakable all over the world.

The Alexandra Voltan shoes are only made inside the company Voltan, a Venetian company that represents a column of the famous footwear district of the Brenta Riviera, which boasts the Made in Italy value all over the world.

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