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Item AV649

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Item AV649

Item AV649 is a comfortable and particular sneaker by Alexandra Voltan.

It is available in two different variants: in lilac-colored velvet, with antique silver accessory and rubber sole, and in black velvet, with antique silver accessory and rubber sole.

As we all know, sneakers are not only used for sporty looks but in recent times you can also create casual and elegant looks: let’s see together how to best match the AV649 item by Alexandra Voltan.

For example, for a simple and casual look, we can choose to combine item AV649 by Alexandra Voltan in the lilac version with a skinny jeans in denim and a simple plain black t-shirt with a wide lilac collar.

If, on the other hand, we want to wear the sneaker, creating a more formal look, we can opt for a solid anthracite color culottes trousers, a solid black color blouse and a solid silver color blazer finishing the look with the AV649 sneakers in black version by Alexandra Voltan.

Finally, if we want to combine item AV649 both in the lilac version and in the black version by Alexandra Voltan with an elegant look, we can choose to wear an apron-style medium-length dress with buttons on the front and a striped patterned waist belt. black and grey.

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