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Look November 2020

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Look November 2020

It’s always nice to find new look ideas!

That’s why in this new article we will give you some ideas for some looks to wear in this November 2020.

The first one we have chosen for you is composed of a skirt, pullover, blazer and ankle boot. For example, we can opt for a medium-length tartan patterned skirt in shades of gray, a plain black pullover with a high collar, a classic blazer in solid anthracite color and finally an ankle boot with midi heel and a bright accessory like the item AV642 black version by Alexandra Voltan.

The second look that we propose, with a romantic and modern style, is made up of dress and boot. For example, we can choose to wear a dress with a knee-length patterned skirt with a black base and gray polka dots and combine it with a boot with a low heel and a bright accessory such as item AV435 in black version by Alexandra Voltan.

The third look we have designed for you is made up of trousers, shirt, cardigan and décolleté. A casual chic look that we can create by wearing camel-colored cigarette trousers, a gold-colored plain shirt, a burgundy-colored plain cardigan, and finally a high-heeled décolleté like item AV654 in red version of Alexandra Voltan.

The fourth and final look that we recommend you create is a casual and modern look made up of jeans, sweater and sneakers. For example, we can choose fit mom jeans in black denim, a diamond patterned sweater in white and burgundy and finally combine it with an elegant velvet sneaker with patent leather inserts such as item AV646 in black version by Alexandra Voltan.

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