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2020 Winter wedding look

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2020 Winter wedding look

Have you been invited to a winter wedding and don’t know what to wear?

Winter weddings are no longer rare, many couples choose to get married in the winter; a beautiful dress, a nice shoe and an eco-fur and you’re done.

In this new article we will see together what looks we can wear for a wedding this winter.

A perfect look can consist of long dress and décolleté. We can opt for a long solid-colored dress in antique pink, with tone-on-tone embroidered decorations and with long sleeves in veil, and combine it with a purple décolleté with high stiletto heel such as item AV629 by Alexandra Voltan.

Another look always suitable for a special occasion such as a wedding is made up of a women’s tuxedo and décolleté. For example, if we choose to wear a tuxedo made up of matching emerald green trousers and jacket and a silk top, we can complete the look with a décolleté with a high stiletto heel like item AV653 by Alexandra Voltan.

Another perfect alternative may be to opt for a look consisting of a mermaid dress and décolleté. For example, we can wear a tight-fitting mermaid dress in glittered gold-colored velvet with long sleeves and complete the look with a red décolleté with gold details and high stiletto heel like item AV654 by Alexandra Voltan.

Finally we can opt for a look composed of asymmetrical dress and décolleté. With an asymmetrical solid color dress in anthracite color with elegant side slit, draped and with long sleeves, we can combine a décolleté with a high stiletto heel, such as item AV666 by Alexandra Voltan.

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