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Match winter bags and shoes

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Match winter bags and shoes

Matching bags and shoes always seems like a dilemma, but it’s not as difficult as it appears, just knowing and remembering some small and simple rules.

Even for the winter season, as in the summer season, the same rules apply:

It is not always best to combine bags and shoes of the same color.  Unless it is a neutral color like black or white, it is very difficult to find a bag and shoes of the exact same shade of color, often the color is very similar, they are very close to each other but never identical, so the best solution is not to combine bag and shoes of the same color.

Be careful never to combine a summer bag with a winter bag, for example a straw bag with a pony moccasin, or pony bag and satin shoes and so on.

Pay attention to the measures too, for example with a boot with a high leg you can’t match a maxi bag or a shopper bag.

If the bag and the shoe are of the same material but of different colors then they can be combined, for example if we have a calfhair bag and a calfhair shoe of different colors can be safely combined.

If, on the other hand, we wear a shoe with feathers, special accessories or prints such as the animal print, it is always better to combine a bag in solid color leather so as not to exceed.

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