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Shoes and psychology

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Shoes and psychology

It is well known that most women love shoes, especially those with high heels.

The curious thing is that according to psychology the shoe reflects the personality of the woman who wears it.

Not by chance the first impression of a person comes from the aesthetic aspect, from the clothing worn and from the shoes.

Several studies have been carried out on this curiosity and various results have emerged, including:

  • women who wear high shoes like boots, with or without heels, are imagined as aggressive and reserved people;
  • Shoes, of any type, in perfect condition, clean and new, it seems that they reflect an insecure personality and with the fear of making a bad impression in front of other people;
  • Those who instead choose uncomfortable shoes but with a clearly visible luxury brand, have a personality insicure and not always sociable;
  • Women who love colorful and extravagant footwear are outogoing and open to new experiences;
  • Women who wear boots or combat boots are described as reserved and unfriendly people;
  • Sneakers instead are shoes suitable for women with a strong personality and self-confidence;
  • Women who love sandals are cheerful and uninhibited women;
  • Finally, women who wear worn and untreated shoes are not interested in the judgment of others and tend to repress their emotions.

Furthermore, it would seem that the purchase of a shoe represents a compensation mechanism, a way to balance a mood that is not exactly the best and simply to make us feel better.

In conclusion, footwear is among the elements of our outfit that most reflect our character and our personality, define our status and give a touch of uniqueness to the clothing we wear.

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